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Deep tissue massage,  helps with realigning deeper layers of muscle and connective tissue.  Great for chronic aches and pains.

Vacu Therapy- A vacuum system designed to help tighten lose skin, detox - flush and remove stagnant- congestion and break down adhesions and increase lymph flow.

Neuromuscular therapy, a treatment that targets soft tissue abnormalities to normalize and break pain cycle.

Trigger Point Therapy, a treatment designed to treat a hyper irritable spot that hurts  in one or more areas of the body.  This therapy disrupts the pain cycle.

Cupping massage, a massage to loosen adhesions and lifts connective tissue bringing blood and fluid to stagnant tissue within the muscles and skin.

Basalt stone massage, warm stones used to help with relaxing deeper layers of muscular tissue .

Swedish massage, a very relaxing massage, moderate pressure

Foot reflexology, pressing on specific points on the feet correlate with an alternate area of the body

Prenatal massage/ pregnancy massage, a massage to assist with the pain and overall well being of expectant mother to be.

Restorative and resurfacing facial treatment, a treatment designed to erase years of sun damage, fine lines to dark spots from your skin. A great treatment to help restore you to your glory.   Derma-filing and or chemical peel with Revitalight infra-red light therapy.  Best if done in a series of 6-10 treatments for optimum results. 

Classic facial, a traditional deep pore cleansing facial to cleanse, clear hydrate and restore.

Oxygen facial with vitamins and minerals to help restore health and elasticity of skin, rebuilds collagen and elastin and overall repair.  A great healing facial.

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